Past Imberbus Events

Over the years, numerous reports and photographs about our events have been published on the internet and so we have provided links to some of the more interesting ones below. However as some of them are now quite old, we apologise if any of the links no longer lead anywhere useful.

Imberbus 2021 – First public Car Free Day at Imber !

Following the traffic problems of 2019, only the Imberbuses were allowed to access Imber on 21st August 2021, making the whole day much more enjoyable.  20 buses took part this year but loadings were lower than in previous years due to poor weather and Coronavirus concerns.

There are also numerous photos and a few videos on the independently run Imber Bus Service facebook site.

Imberbus 2019 – Gridlock !

This was our busiest Imberbus yet with 28 buses in use and approximately 4000 passengers carried, including 200 who arrived by charter train. However increased press coverage also resulted in many people driving up to Imber rather than using the buses, which proved challenging due to the lack of car parking available.

Imberbus 2018 – The Movie

In 2018 we were joined thy the “All the Stations” team who produced a short documentary about Imberbus which has already been watched 100,000 times on the internet.  You can view it by clicking here or on the picture below.

There is also a short documentary here showing the work that goes into setting up the infrastructure for Imberbus on the previous day.

Imberbus 2017 – Coping with Charters

In 2007 we had to expand our operations to cater for two tour groups, one of which arrived by train at Warminster, the other by coach at Chitterne.

Imberbus 2016 – Battling the Weather


Imberbus 2015 – Borrowing the battlebus

In addition, further information on the Battle Bus project can be found here.

Imberbus 2014 – making a splash !


Imberbus 2013 – to Copehill Down and Chitterne


Imberbus 2012 – Celebrating the Jubilee with the Old and the New

Borismaster at Tinkers Track

Imberbus 2011 – New Zealand Farm and Brazen Bottom

New Zealand - Wiltshire style

Imberbus 2010 – Buses to the Bustard

Imberbus 2009 – The first year

Tanking along

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