Imberbus 2022

Imberbus 2022 will be held on Saturday 20th August  when up to 25 old and new Routemaster buses (plus a few guest vehicles) will operate from Warminster to Imber and other points on Salisbury Plain.

This year, access to Imber will again only possible using the Imberbuses themselves.  Cars, motorbikes, cycles, scooters or pedestrians will not be permitted access to the military roads on this date, so if you would prefer to drive your own vehicle to Imber you will need to delay your trip until another occasion (for further details of other dates when the road through Imber is open, please visit the Imber Church website).

What we have planned for Imberbus 2022:

A summary of the timetable that we plan to operate can be downloaded by clicking here.  A more detailed version of the timetable can also be found here and a full colour Event Guide will be available on the day (please click on the picture below if you would like a peek at it). Important features of this year’s Imberbus include:

  • At least 25 buses in operation, some of which will be wheelchair accessible.
  • Departures approximately every 15 minutes from Warminster Station to Imber from 9.45am onwards;
  • Buses serving Tilshead, New Zealand Farm Camp, West Lavington, Market Lavington and Brazen Bottom twice an hour throughout the day;
  • Buses twice an hour to Chitterne until early afternoon;
  • One morning and two afternoon journeys running direct between Warminster and Chitterne (not via Imber);
  • Most journeys operated by at least 2 vehicles;
  • Imber Church open for viewing and refreshments from 10am to 6pm;
  • Refreshments available from Caspers Cafe on platform 1 of Warminster Station and at the village halls in Tilshead (all day) and Chitterne (until 2pm).
  • The newly refurbished Market Lavington Museum will be open again in the Old School House next to the village church and will be serving cream teas until 5pm;
  • A small transport sales stall will also be available inside Tilshead village hall.

The routes that the buses will take can be seen on the map below (please click on it to see a larger version in PDF format).  As usual, buses will connect at our Gore Cross interchange, so that passengers can easily travel to/from all points on our network.

How much does it cost to travel on Imberbus ?

To enable visitors to explore our services in an affordable way, we offer an all day ticket at a cost of £10 per adult. However, ordinary bus fares are also available and so any adults who just wish to travel from Warminster to visit the 16th century St Giles’ Church at Imber will be able to purchase a £5 ticket covering the journey there and back. In addition, up to 3 children will be allowed to accompany each adult for the bargain all-day fare of just £1 each.

Imberbus operates as an ordinary local bus service, so there is no facility to pre-book or to pay in advance –  just turn up and pay the conductor on the bus in cash (payment in £5 or £10 notes or £1 and £2 coins is always appreciated and there are cash machines available in Warminster town centre for those that needed them). To speed things up we will also have staff selling day tickets outside Warminster Station during the morning, some of whom will be able to accept payment by contactless credit/debit cards. We regret however, that we were unable to accept concessionary bus passes for travel on our buses.

How to get to Warminster

Advice on travelling to Warminster can be found on the “How to get to Warminster” page on our website.  However since this was prepared, we have been advised that there is a rail strike scheduled for this date and at the present time it seems unlikely that there will be any trains running to Warminster.

Fortunately, public bus services will still be running to Warminster from Bath, Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge, Westbury, Frome and Salisbury and a number of coach companies and bus owners have also offered to run trips to Warminster to help those who still wish to travel to our event – please see our special “Rail-Strike” web page for further details.

If you intend to drive to Warminster, our How to get to Warminster page includes a map of the town centre car parks. However, as parking there is sometimes in short supply, this year we have also arranged for some extra out of town parking at Sack Hill (which is about 2 miles from the town centre on the road to Imber) from 10am onwards – please click HERE to see how to get there from Warminster, or type BA12 0DJ into your sat nav and when you get to the Land Warfare Centre, keep going up the steep hill (the parking area will be at the top of the hill, about 300 metres past the tank on a plinth !). Our buses will call at the Sack Hill Car Park on their way to Imber, but please note that if you park at Sack Hill you will only be able to pay in cash to purchase tickets and there will be no other facilities (such as toilets) available there.

Please note that this year we do not recommend parking in the village of Chitterne as our buses will not be calling there after 3pm, due to a wedding taking place in this small village during the afternoon.

If you are intending to stay overnight in the area, you may wish to visit the Warminster Community Hub website to find suitable accommodation.

IMPORTANT – If you are planning on bringing a group of people to Warminster in a bus or coach to travel on Imberbus, please contact us ASAP as there are very few coach parking facilities available in Warminster and we may even be able to help advertise your trip!

If you would like further information about our event, please check out the other pages on our website, including the Frequently Asked Questions page which provides important information on where you can and cannot go, where you can get something to eat and also the location of public toilets (which are few and far between on the Salisbury Plain!).  You can also view the Imberbus video that was released in 2018 below;

and a sequel released in 2019!







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