Imberbus FAQ – Useful Information for passengers

PLEASE NOTE – the information below applied to our event in 2019 and whilst the arrangements are likely to be similar for future Imberbus events, we would advise you to check our website again during the summer, to see if anything has changed.

If you are planning on travelling by Imberbus, the following additional information may help you enjoy your day:

When will Imberbus be running again ?

As the primary purpose of the Imber Ranges is military training, there are only a few days each year on which the road through Imber is open to the public, so please check the front page of our website for the latest information. You can also keep up to date with future Imberbus events by adding your name to our mailing list – just insert your email address into the box on the right hand side of this page, or click the “+follow” button at the bottom right hand side of your screen.

How do I get to Warminster ?

Advice on how to get to Warminster by bus, train and car (including the location of car parks) can be found on our “How to get to Warminster” page by clicking here.

What time will the buses run ?

When imberbus is running, buses normally depart from Warminster to Imber approximately every 15 minutes between 9.45am and 5pm, with at least two vehicles allocated to most departures to ensure that no-one is left behind. On arrival at Imber, many of the buses then continue on to other points on Salisbury Plain, connecting en route at Gore Cross to enable passengers to change buses.

The exact timetable for our service changes slightly each year and is published on this website approximately one month before the event takes place.

How much does it cost to travel on the Imberbuses and do I need to book a seat ?

To enable you to explore the Imberbus services in an affordable way, we offer an all day ticket at a cost of £10 per adult, with up to 3 children being allowed to accompany each adult for the bargain fare of just £1 each. However, ordinary bus fares are also available and so if you just wish to travel from Warminster to visit the 16th century St Giles’ Church at Imber, you can purchase an ordinary single ticket for just £3 each way.

Please note that because Imberbus operates as an ordinary bus service, you do not need to pre-book a seat – just turn up and pay the conductor on the bus. We regret, however, that Concessionary bus passes cannot be used to travel free of charge on the Imberbus service.

Where can I go when I get to Imber ?

The main attraction at Imber is the 16th century St Giles’ Church which is run by The Friends of St Giles, all of whom are volunteers. This is the only building in the village that is open to the public and is well worth visiting. As our buses run frequently through Imber, most of our passengers spend about 30 minutes to an hour at Imber, then board another Imberbus to view other parts of Salisbury Plain.

It should be noted that during our 2020 event, public access in the miltary area will be strictly limited to the following:

  • The “main road” through Imber village, within the boundary of the village;
  • Imber Church and the path and field between it and the main road;
  • Gore Cross bus Interchange (for the purposes of changing buses);
  • The Imber Range Perimeter Path which is a public footpath which passes close to Gore Cross and by New Zealand Farm Camp (open all year round).

Please note that all other roads, paths, buildings and fields are strictly off-limits, no matter interesting and inviting they may look! this particularly applies to the burnt out tanks and the “houses” at Imber, most of which were constructed by the military for training purposes and are not original.

Where will I be able to get something to eat or drink ?


Light refreshments will be available inside Imber Church and at the Village Halls in Chitterne and Tilshead. The buffet at Warminster Station and some of the cafes in the town centre will also be open and cream twill be served at the Museum in Market Lavington. You might also want to sample one of the country pubs along the route – our route to Chitterne stops right outside the Rose and Crown at Tilshead and close to the Churchill Arms at West Lavington and our buses pass near to other hostelries at Market Lavington and Chitterne which are expected to be open for all or part of the day.

What other facilities are available at Imber

The short answer is almost nothing! As Imber is normally closed to the public there are no shops, no permanent toilets, no electricity and no mobile phone or internet signal. We therefore strongly recommend that you prepare for this before you board the bus (the nearest public toilets will be at Warminster Station and alongside Warminster Central Car Park).

Where can I go after visiting Imber ?

On leaving Imber, our buses carry on to Gore Cross (on the Salisbury-Devizes road) where they continue either to New Zealand Farm Camp; Brazen Bottom and the Lavingtons, or through Tilshead to the small village of Chitterne. All the buses are designed to meet up at Gore Cross to allow passengers to swap between them (and to take a few photographs), so it is easy to visit several villages in one day.

Can I get on or off at other places ?

Only on the ordinary public roads. On the military roads the Imberbuses will now only stop at Imber village.stop. However on the public roads the buses will stop at points shown in the timetable and at any normal bus stop in between – just signal clearly to the driver as the bus approaches or if you are on the bus, tell the conductor in plenty of time where you want to get off. However if you are planning to leave a bus at a remote location, please check the timetable carefully for details of the last bus, as we would hate to leave anyone stranded. Please also remember that in the military area, all areas other than the road are out of bounds, however interesting and inviting they may look!

Are any of the buses wheelchair accessible ?


Although most of the Imberbuses are vintage ones with steps, there will be a few newer ones with wheelchair spaces operating between Warminster and Imber as well. However be aware that the conditions at Imber are not ideal for wheelchairs and the path up to the church is quite steep in places. If you wish to travel with a wheelchair on the Imberbus service, please contact us during the summer so that we can tell you times that the wheelchair accessible buses will operate.

Can I take a Dog or a Pushchair on the buses ?

Well behaved dogs are allowed to travel on the Imberbuses at the discretion of the conductor, provided that they remain on the floor and keep off the seats.
We regret, however that as most journeys of our journeys are operated by vintage buses, it will normally only be possible to carry a pushchair if it can be folded up and stowed safely under the stairs.

Can I drive or cycle up to Imber myself?

There are a small number of days when the military roads to Imber are open to all traffic and these are publcised on the Imber Church website. However in 2020, Imberbus day will be a car free day around Imber and no vehicles or cycles will be allowed to use the military roads, except for the buses operating the Imberbus service.

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