How to get to Warminster

Warminster is situated in the county of Wiltshire, approximately 20 miles from Bath and Salisbury and close to the border with Somerset.

Please note that car parking may be in short supply in Warminster on the day of our event, as part of the Central Car Park may be in use as a Covid testing station. The Imber Park & Ride site will also not be available this year. We therefore strongly advise you to use public transport to attend our event if at all possible.

For those arriving by public transport, Warminster Rail Station is on the Cardiff-Bristol-Portsmouth rail line which operates approximately every hour, with connections available from London and the West Country at Westbury and Salisbury and also from Melksham, Chippenham and Swindon at Westbury – please see the Great Western Railway website for timetables and further details.

If you would prefer to travel by bus, the following bus services run to places served by Imberbus on Saturdays:

  • First service D1 runs to Warminster every hour from Bath, Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge and Westbury.
  • Beeline service 24 runs to Warminster every 2 hours from Salisbury;
  • Frome Minibuses service 53 runs from Frome to Warminster every hour;
  • Faresaver service 272 runs every hour from Bath and Melksham to Devizes, where it connects with bus 270 to West Lavington and Market Lavington;
  • Salisbury Reds service 2 runs approximately every hour from Salisbury and Devizes to Shrewton, Tilshead, Gore Cross and West Lavington.

Please visit the Traveline website during the summer for more details of these services.

For those travelling by car, Warminster is located at the junction of the A36 and A350 and is near to the infamous A303 ! You should find plenty of parking available Warminster’s Central Car Park which is off station road, so round the corner from the rail station – see map below (for those of you using SatNav, the postcode for Warminster’s Central Car Park is BA12 9BX). Other public car parks are also available (including a small one at the station itself) but please note that normal weekday charges apply on all the public car parks on Saturdays.

This year, when Imberbus is operating no vehicles will be allowed onto the military roads to Imber, except for the Imber buses themselves. Therefore if you wish to travel to Imber on that date you will need to take the bus instead. Dates when the road through Imber is open to other traffic can be found on the Imber Church Website.

A small amount of roadside parking is also available in Chitterne and West Lavington but please ensure that you leave plenty of space for the Imberbuses to get past and (in the case of Chitterne) turn round! Please also note that the Imber Park & Ride site will not be in operation this year and there is no parking available at Gore Cross Interchange either, as both sites are part of the Salisbury Plain Military Training Area.

Thinking of stopping overnight ? Then the following websites may help you:

Remember that buses and trains operate to Warminster from many of the surrounding towns, so you don’t have to stay in Warminster – please email us if you need further advice.